Saint d’Ici is a botanical perfumery based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We create perfumes from botanical extracts in the form of absolutes, CO2 extracts, tinctures and essential oils. These ingredients are the driving force behind the blends, and are at the heart of our creative process.

In today’s context, the notion of botanical perfume flows from ancient tradition, and in this way, age-old literature and tales of voyage inspire our work. The anthropology of scent and rituals of different cultures from around the world provide constant insights and an understanding of natural botanical practices.

As far as possible, we source our botanical ingredients from small-scale farmers and artisanal distillers across the African continent. There are a few botanical ingredients that only grow in their native soil, and we source these from their respective lands in favour of their authenticity. We stand by the principle that all living entities involved in the production of our perfumes, whether human or botanical, be treated with kindness.

Every bottle of perfume is crafted by hand, from the sowing, cultivation and harvest of the ingredients through to the blending, filling and packaging.

Saint d’Ici is a continuous work-in-progress, and at the same time, an exceptional feat. We are constantly working to improve every step of the process and, with this, hold by the values of honesty and transparency. Our every endeavour is guided by a way of life that is quiet, intentional and uncompromising. Saint d’Ici is an ode to nature, in all of its facets.

‘The name, Saint d’Ici, comes from my earliest olfactive memories. I spent a great deal of time growing up at my grandparents’ house near the small village of Saint-Jeannet in Provence. I distinctly remember rosemary, lavender and laurel when I think back to that time. It was these beautiful classic natural scents that first drew me to natural perfumery. However, as I started to explore local African perfume materials, a whole new world of smells opened up to me. Rich, dusty, sweet-herbaceous, animalic and deep scents. I think of these scents as archetypal smells. Africa is the cradle of humankind so it follows that its scents are an important part of our ancient perfume heritage. Saint Jeannet was updated, it became Saint d’Ici (of here), a blend of both worlds.’

– Marie Aoun