What could be more South African, more Eastern Cape in origin than the humble sheepskin slipper. They are the one product that, once you have felt them on your feet, you can’t wait to put them back on again. Nothing is as comfortable or as warm as a pair of these natural slip ons. A simple luxury.

We are based in the Eastern Cape, South Africa and with this comes the glorious natural product that is wool & mohair.

What you may not know is that South Africa produces about 45 million kg’s of wool per annum, of which more than 90% is exported to China, Czech Republic, Italy, Egypt & Bulgaria predominantly. This, bringing home about R5 Billion per annum from the national clip which amounts to 3% of the wool globally & just about 12% for the wool apparel of the world.

Due to the natural fiber that is sheep wool, sweat wicks away from your feet. Not only does the natural fiber regulate the temperature around your feet, but it also regulates the odor down to none. Combine this cozy home footwear with a pair of mohair socks and wintered feet find a new beat.

This modest staple in the closet of so many South Africans at home or abroad, has not had an official home. One place where you know where to find them & order them from. To try and find a place, online or in store for them has been a search. That is, until now. They are made here in Somerset East, by Faber Collective, and now find their official home in our curated retail store; Somersetler. Tell your friends, your feet will thank us later.